A recent survey* by accounting firm found that many finance executives are not happy with the way their companies approach annual budgeting. Executives polled noted that their organizations’ current budgeting methods did not allow for higher-value planning and analysis activities.


Compounding the problem is the reliance that many organizations have on spreadsheets to support their budgeting, planning and forecasting processes. The majority of finance leaders surveyed said they prepared budgets using a combination of spreadsheets and budgeting software, and an astounding 39 percent said they only used spreadsheets. Managing projects and budgets off traditional spreadsheets creates a lack of real-time visibility and leads to organizational misalignment.


Project Planner bridges the gap between your core operations systems and the static spreadsheets to provide a single source of the truth for project budgeting, committed or contracted projects, and financial spends.  It’s web-based. It’s real-time. It’s customizable. It’s no reason why Project Planner manages over $1 billion of our pharmaceutical client’s budgets.

Our easy-to-use, web-based application:

  • Bridges gaps between the business user and finance personnel; allows transparent tracking of open commitments while adhering to budget parameters
  • Interactive reporting capability that can be customized by the user for public and/or private consumption and dissemination
  • Provides optional status notifications for internal staff and external vendors for efficient project management

  • Interfaces with corporate-wide systems, such as SAP, to load Actuals data, produce quarterly forecasting reports (Summary, Budget Transfers, Travel & Expense, Bridge Report) based on the timing of project deliverables
  • Integrates with your existing Corporate LDAP directory and Single Sign-On solutions, allowing low-friction setup of users
  • Can be licensed as a stand-alone solution or can scale to meet the broader needs of your organization with our Budget Planner, PubPlanner, Conference Planner, Launch Planner and Scientific Competitive Intelligence Planner solutions.

*Survey by accounting firm Graham Thornton and The American Productivity and Quality Center. The survey polled 130 finance managers and CFO’s at companies with annual revenues of $1 Billion or more, spanning all major industries, with more than half based in the United States with offices worldwide. Information was gathered from an article published in accountingweb.com by Jason Bramwell (staff writer and editor) on April 14, 2015. Link was provided in the article for the actual study document.