TREX (Transplant Referral Exchange)

The TREX application was designed to help providers, manage the referral process. While also recording and tracking the progress of patients who are interested in perusing a kidney transplant. Through a secure application, real time records can be shared electronically between a dialysis provider and a transplant center using our applications. 

This cloud-based, HIPAA compliant application improves the management of patient referrals between Dialysis organizations and Transplant centers, which has been shown to save time. It also improves accuracy of records being sent the first time and allowing real time communication. This in turn allows the provider more time with their patients.   

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  • 1 - 4
  • Dynamic Requirements based on Transplant Center selected

  • Explicit acknowledgement of Referral Received and Complete

  • Transplant center referral status updates instantaneously available for Dialysis Center staff

  • Communication about the patient transplant experience captured in a systemic and organized method

  • Ability to alert Dialysis of Transplant Center staff on patient-focused challenges with keeping appointments

  • Improved communication with Network QIP Programs