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A recent survey* by accounting firm found that many finance executives are not happy with the way their companies approach annual budgeting. Executives polled noted that their organizations’ current budgeting methods did not allow for higher-value planning and analysis activities. Compounding the problem is the reliance that many organizations have on spreadsheets to support their budgeting, planning and forecasting processes.

The majority of finance leaders surveyed said they prepared budgets using a combination of spreadsheets and budgeting software, and an astounding 39 percent said they only used spreadsheets. Managing projects and budgets off traditional spreadsheets creates a lack of real-time visibility and leads to organizational misalignment. Project Planner bridges the gap between your core operations systems and the static spreadsheets to provide a single source of the truth for project budgeting, committed or contracted projects, and financial spends.

It’s web-based. It’s real-time. It’s customizable. It’s no reason why Project Planner manages over $1 billion of our pharmaceutical client’s budgets.

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