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In the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries, ensuring that you have the right people and presentations at key scientific conferences all over the world is imperative. In some cases, companies can be preparing for over 100 conferences annually across the globe. Tasks such as managing contracting, booth logistics, presentation development, poster printing and delivery of appropriate materials for each conference can be significant and consume valuable time. To be efficient, tasks are often outsourced to vendors and broken up and assigned within the team. Spreadsheets and web-based tools are used to track and manage conference planning activities, milestones, and budgets. These tools are disconnected and can hinder your ability to efficiently manage and track tasks and retrieve and share data across the team. The AHI Conference Planner solution brings together ALL your conference preparation activities in one dynamic, web-based solution. Internal teams and external vendors can manage tasks, analyze progress, communicate, and rapidly address potential issues all in one platform.

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  • 1 - 1
  • Includes intuitive tools for project management, customization of conference information, logistics and task coordination, and tracking of work stream progress in real-time
  • Can generate dashboards that provide up-to-the minute status of conference preparation activities
  • Provides alerts and notifications on incomplete tasks and warnings on approaching due dates
  • Provides planning estimates and budgets
  • Is customizable and scalable to meet the needs of your organization
  • Can be licensed as a stand-alone solution or integrated with our Pub Planner, Launch Planner, Project Planner, Budget Planner and Scientific Competitive Intelligence Planner platforms