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According to a recent study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD), the estimated cost to develop and bring to market a new drug is approximately US$2.558 billion. With these large investments comes increased pressure to launch a product with little or no delay.

Biopharmaceutical and medical device companies are challenged with synchronizing launch-related activities happening within different groups and in different parts of the world. Market opportunities differ, as well as varying country or region regulatory requirements, and launch planning needs to take these issues into account. In addition, staff in country-level offices need up-to-date key regulatory and global launch dates.

Coordinating the capture and reporting of launch-related objectives across multiple regions and countries using spreadsheets or other disconnected solutions can put launch activities at risk for delay. Apex Health Innovation’s Launch Planner removes these issues and enables product launch teams to efficiently communicate and manage all launch activities, regardless of location, from one web-based solution.

Our-easy-to-use platform ties together ALL organizational activities related to a product launch while giving users the ability to track activity and gaps.

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  • 1 - 1
  • Provides tools to facilitate the capture of all regional or country-related launch activities and dates across multiple functions
  • Aligns key tasks to launch-related strategic objectives
  • Provides functional and departmental views of tasks across multiple launch programs
  • Is configurable and scalable to take into account country-level variations and the overall launch needs of your organization
  • Can create dashboards and reports enabling team leaders to quickly check the status of all projects and identify/address/escalate specific issues or potential delays
  • Can be licensed as a stand-alone solution or integrated with our PubPlanner, Conference Planner, Project Planner, Budget Planner and Scientific Competitive Intelligence Planner platforms